Program of Study


Course Description

Hands-on approach to multimedia production techniques. Develops understanding of image software, video software, and scanners, digital cameras, digital video cameras, graphics tablets.


My major take away from this course was to experience the role as a student in a digital media class. I have learned that every little detail doesn’t have to be laid out for a student to grasp the objectives set in a class. Our professor had the guiding questions laid out for us, however there was the space to find our way. In the syllabus I read that this class is a “learn by doing” approach and in my experience it really did work. I had no clue how to even begin using Photoshop until I began to learn on my own and simply begin with exploring. I will take this approach into my own classroom. The most useful part of this course was making the digital video project. It was useful because I actually used it the day after I made it in my classroom. It has proven to be useful because my D student, who came to me from China, is now an A student after using the digital videos weekly to support her in learning vocabulary with digital video application. I will continue to create these videos and save them for future use in the years to come. I have also experimented with my students creating videos themselves for learning vocabulary. This has worked well. I feel this class has stretched me in the realm of digital media and I feel much more confident in using the different aspects of digital media.


Digital Video Project Artifact 1

Digital Audio Project Artifact 2