9417 - Technology Action Research Program of Study

Course Description

Study of concepts associated with action research; and the processes and procedures for conducting action research. Culminating project is the development of an action research project. Prerequisites: 12 credit hours completed prior to enrolling.


As stated in Chapter 1, "action researchers differ from traditional researchers because they are committed to taking action and effecting positive educational change" (Mills, 2007, p.3), action research goes beyond just reporting data. Certainly the data collecting is an important step in the process, but goes to a deeper level with an action plan as shown in our text dealing with the four step action research plan, (Mills, 2007, p.5).The following was my Action Research Project and I have the paper attached as an artifact. My grade level works really well together, sharing ideas, lesson plans, etc. However, two out of the seven of us disagree over giving homework to our third graders. Observation 1- There are those families who have no internet connection at home. Observation 2- Many students do not have access to technological devices, much less internet connection. Assumption- No internet connection from home creates an unequal scenario for those students concerning participation/grades. Questions- Should homework be given according to internet connection at home? If some students have devices/connection and some do not, should the homework be different? Does homework make a difference in student per


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