Program of Study

IS_LT 7370 - Intermediate Web Development

Course Description

Development of design and web authoring skills. Interactivity through use of cgi scripts and javascript. Design capabilities using Style Sheets. Gain expertise required for the production of HTML documents incorporating these advanced techniques. Prerequisites: IS_LT 7360


This class has taken me deeper into the world of coding and html. It is truly much like learning another language. I felt the prerequisite class did prepare me for this class, but I had no idea how much more intense it would be. I will focus on my strengths, struggles and completion.

As stated above 7360 was a great forerunner for taking 7370. This was definitely a strength for me in diving into the class. I understood many of the foundational concepts in the beginning and felt prepared for the next steps in the learning process for javascript and other advanced techniques. It is a great feeling to be able to create in the digiatal word by just using code. Though it can be somewhat frustrating and time consuming, seeing the finished product is very much rewarding.

As the class progressed and the techniques were more difficult, I struggled with finding the answer to unresolved questions. It was much like finding the missing piece to the puzzle or in some instances having too many pieces applied to the puzzle. I have also found that not many of the people in my circle of life are familiar with the skills that come with Web Development. I would read the suggested material, participate in the discussions, and even watch you tube tutorials from multiple sources. Eventually in each scenario I would find what I was looking for or just try something and it would bring me to completion. I felt so accomplished after completing this course with an A. It made me realize that nothing is impossible with hard work and effort.


Java Script Artifact 1

Using Media Artifact 2