Program of Study

IS_LT 7377 Intro to Technology in Schools

Course Description

Study of theories and practices associated with educational technology. Explores basic instructional design processes and strategies for integrating technology into teaching and learning. Provides an overview of the EdTech filed and a survey of emerging trends. Prerequisites: teaching experience or instructor's consent.


I have recently began my journey as a student at the University of Missouri Online. When I became a teacher, I knew that my learning would be ongoing, not just for myself but for my students as well. This is my second semester and I will be 12 hours into the 30 hours needed after the fall semester comes to an end. I am currently in pursuit of my Masters in Educational Technology. I knew I was making the best choice to continue my education with the University of Missouri after 2 years of professional development through eMints. I gained so much knowledge and seen my classroom do a one eighty. Even after the next degree is attained, professional development for me will be continual in order to teach with cutting edge technology. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and I have definitely grown. Inro to Technology in Schools, has taught me to not just focus on technology but to have purpose in using technology to drive instruction. I assumed with the title, it would simply be a class with just multiple apps and technology ideas to use in the classroom. However, along with the ideas, which was a forum used throughout the semester entitled, Shared Resources, we were encouraged to create instructional design with purpose. With experience in creating our TILP, Technology Integration Learning Plan, we designed instruction-using technology to enable learners to create something that they could not do without technology. This gives purpose for the educational technology and not just replacing a paper with a power point. Collaboration and peer reviews made the class more concrete with a sense of hands on learning. Critiquing my peers helped me to grow as well as taking critiques from my peers. I feel as if I have grown in working with my team. I felt good about leading our posts throughout the semester and getting work turned in on time. I also see what frustrations my students sometime struggle with when a team member might be a late contributor to group work. After being introduced to the ADDIE model, I feel I need to improve in the area of writing my instructional lesson design. It has challenged me to think through and articulate the reasons for implementing technology. I will use this strategy to improve my lesson plans and instructional design weekly, as well as an ongoing evaluation. I also learned a lot from the concept map and I have incorporated this idea into my own student’s learning so that they can visually see where they started and where they are going in their learning and concepts. I will continue to add to my concept map that I started in this course as an educator as I continue to touch the world through my learning and teaching through educational technology.


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