Program of Study


Summer 2016

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to provide an understanding of basic Web design skills in addition to the expertise required for creating and publishing HTML documents. Students will design, develop, test, and evaluate a website. Intro to Web Development is also an online course with no in-person or classroom meetings. Web development can be difficult. The aim of this class is to teach educators, librarians, and instructional designers how to code. Therefore, the focus is on learning HTML and CSS for prototyping purposes.


This course was a challenge for me. Coding is significantly harder than I envisioned. I had an extremely hard time with the tiny details that go into coding a website. I specifically remember spending literally hours trying to figure out why my page had errors. I would realize hours later that I forgot to close an element.

Along with the skills of coding, I learned a lot about graphic design, layout, navigation, and other basic elements of a successful web site. I enjoyed getting feedback from my end-users and classmates. I created a website for classroom which motivated me to really seek out opinions of my target audience. I learned a lot about what people are looking for in a website for a classroom. Although it was quite challenging, I enjoyed the class and process of creating a site from start to finish.


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